The boats are all stored and the doors have been locked for the season.

We finished the work parties on October 25th, and a hand full of Board Members stowed the last few boats away on November 2nd.

Thomas Shaw was a great help this year, always showing up willing to work – he did an outstanding job this fall.

Member Dennis Harrod offered to put his Cape Cod Ray Ban outlet home building skills to use by re-roofing our wishing well, located by the entrance, with cedar shakes.  In an e-mail he said he heard, “Some members believe we should scrap the whole well, but I like it, and I think many others identify with it.”  Very true, Dennis.  That’s what keeps this club a best kept secret!

In the end, we stashed about eight 420’s in the Owahgena room.  We couldn’t leave it empty as planned, but it seemed like good karma – that space was made for the sailboats…